6 Hours in 6 Weeks Corporate Offering

Be a leader in your industry and help make wellness a job requirement at your workplace.

We are looking for 2 more companies to start our 6 week Corporate Wellness Takeover!

Post Labor Day before Holiday Season.
Start dates between September 4th – 20th.

At your office space or NapTown Fitness

We not only will focus on nutrition with your employees/colleagues, but all the pillars of health as mentioned in the section below. 

Diving into behavior change & promoting a healthy LIFESTYLE that will lead to happier, healthier and more productive employees.
Let’s face it, no one likes the office Grumpy Cat – work alongside people like YOU, in a positive healthy environment. 
Through these 6 weeks we ask for just 6 hours of your time for us to send a resident health expert to come on site and help educate. 

Your team is lead through:

  1. InBody testing
  2. Goal setting
  3. Nutrition: 10 Steps To a Healthier You
  4. 5 Movements for longevity: Light sweat session
  5. Getting the mind right for Success: Yoga instructor on site
  6. Wrap Up meeting/company pitch in and InBody testing


  • Employer Benefits
    • Decreased sick leave/absenteeism
    • Increased job satisfaction
    • Decreased use of healthcare benefits & worker’s comp claims/disability
    • Increased employee productivity
    • Competitive edge in the hiring process
  • Employee Benefits
    • Weight Loss
    • Increased productivity, happiness. energy & motivation!
    • Decreased stress
    • Improved physical fitness & mobility


Eat Fresh & Reconnect To Your Food

The temperature is on the rise and the sunshine (when we get it) is getting longer. SPRING! The season where we shake off the winter blues and start to feel supercharged from that enormous battery in the sky. The start of spring also brings one of our favorite “holiday” seasons at NTN, Farmer’s Market season! We know it really isn’t a thing, but that is how serious we are about eating fresh. There are so many wonderful farmers’ markets throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We don’t ascribe to just one market, we love them all! Check out this comprehensive list for farmers’ markets near you.

You may be asking yourself, why do I need to go to a farmers’ market when Kroger has everything I need? Here is why:

  • Buying local supports local suppliers and benefits the local economy
  • Cheaper organic and GMO-free products than supermarkets
  • Better for the environment – products are shipped all over the world today, which leaves a huge carbon footprint and contributes to the degradation of our atmosphere
  • Seasonal eating – check out this Indiana Harvest Calendar
  • Ability to try new products
  • Better taste

In today’s society we are so consumed with convenience. We logon to an app, we order our groceries and pick them up an hour later or have them delivered. We have lost the connection to our food. We personally don’t want to be disconnected from the thing we do 3 times a day. Our food shouldn’t be where we look for convenience. We need to reconnect to the food that we eat and the best place to do that is your local farmers’ market. This Spring/Summer we suggest putting down the app and spend a few hours every week strolling your local farmers’ market. You will be surprised at how good you feel.

Peter J. Gindling, RN, CF-L1
Nutrition Coach