I signed up because I just wanted to feel better. I was told I had Rheumatoid Arthritis over 2 years ago and through lifestyle and diet changes on my own, I felt better but not as good as I wanted. I wanted a professional (not the internet) to tell me what to do and for accountability.
Since working with NapTown Nutrition, I have so much more energy and do not have anywhere near as many flare-up days. Plus, I’ve lost so much weight (a result I didn’t think was possible) I have to get a whole new wardrobe! 
The biggest consistent changes i’ve made is eliminating sugar. As a professionally trained baker this makes but sad, but I didn’t realize how many calories it was adding and how inflammatory it could be. 
There is so much information out there on nutrition that it can be overwhelming. I loved that NapTown Nutrition went step by step and never gave me limitations just information. It was nice to have accountability and to know I could ask as many questions needed until I understood. NapTown Nutrition was extremely knowledgeable and extremely patient with me through the whole process.

Karen Hewett

Knowing that my body and diet weren’t on the same page, I opted for sensitivity testing fall 2018. I was given a list of a number of foods that I was highly sensitive or allergic to, and those included dairy, eggs, gluten, and other foods that are EVERYWHERE. At first, I ate whatever I wanted in any quantity, so long as it was gluten and dairy free. This worked for about 3 months, but I needed help.
I decided to give NapTown Nutrition a try because I knew my new diet needed to be shaped. I was eating a LOT of meat, and didn’t like that from an environmental or cost standpoint. I also had been curious about the InBody scans for quite some time, and felt that this was a good time to try it and understand what I am made of!

I’ve lost 32-35lbs (depends what day you ask, haha!), have been attending SWIFT class 1-2 times a week, and have been feeling GREAT. I rarely have icky eating side effects like indigestion or nauseousness and can taste the cleanliness in the food I’m eating.

In addition to managing my sensitivities, I’m dining out less and have been regularly taking vitamins (including fish oil – who am I?). Sunday meal prep has been a lengthy 3-4 hour process in our house, but the grab and go meals we’re making in advance have been a total game changer and fit so well in our hectic schedules.

Your well-being is so worth the investment – it’s fascinating and motivating to see your body composition change over time. It also doesn’t just have to be about weight loss – NapTown Nutrition was willing and able to take on the challenge of helping me design an eating style that would be both sustainable and sensitivity-friendly.

Kimberly Hoffman

I signed up for the Spring Sugar Shred because I had surgery on my foot two weeks before SSS and I knew I would be on restrained activity for 5-6 weeks.  I figured it was a great time to be on point with my nutrition.
The plan was SO easy and I LOVED the recipes, especially that there was a shopping list included.  Even months later, my husband and I still fight over the 5-ingredient “pizza” bake. 
If your are ever on the fence or considering joining NapTown Nutrition, my feedback is that the program is easy, the recipes are delicious and that it isn’t a program about “restriction,” but instead about education.  I learned so much about what is in my food and how sugar is in SO much of what we eat.  It was eye-opening and a lot of fun. NapTown was responsive when I had questions and set up a great program.
A few of the biggest changes i experienced was my coffee, for one.  I used to use a LOT of creamer (fake creamer) and now I use NutPods (coconut-based, non-dairy) because there isn’t any sugar.  But seriously, I was reminded how great you feel when you eat REAL food and that it takes some planning, but not ALL the planning.
We are totally confident these habits will stick.  My husband and I have changed how we shop. On any day, I feel I have the knowledge to eat whole foods, feel healthy, and not deprived at all.  You can learn a lot in just 4 weeks.

Amanda Areces

“I signed up with NapTown Nutrition because I was looking for some help to build some better habits and wanted some expert advice. I have always been on and off with diet and exercise and I’ve been navigating some health changes recently (Crohn’s and Spondyloarthritis) which had left me wanting to make a change in my diet, which wasn’t particularly balanced (too much Taco Bell and ice cream too frequently).
After 5 months, I can now say that I have better habits in choosing healthier meals more consistently. It is the first program I’ve tried that I feel is sustainable for the long term.
Consistently meal prepping has been the most impactful part of this process. NapTown Nutrition has helped make the effort to have good meals and foods ready helped me choose healthier foods when I am looking for convenience (which is still probably too often)
I realized that I needed some guidance and accountability to make the change I wanted to make. Working within the customized month-long breakdown of meals, I found a bunch of new meals I like and it made planning the week of meals simple.
If you are considering trying NapTown Nutrition, just do it!”

Jason Nelson

“Since starting the NapTown Nutrition challenge in September, I’m down 20pounds, down over 6% body fat and stayed around the same with muscle mass. I wasn’t a person who “needed” to lose weight, but I also thought I could outwork a bad diet. Oops. I started with the September Challenge and stuck with it through the end of the year. Then I did Whole 30 in January. And now? I’m happy with my weight, I’m looking to maybe drop a few more lbs of fat and gain some muscle or at least maintain that mass. I can’t tell you the last time I was genuinely happy with my body. I can’t tell you how that feels for me. Or thank you enough. Literally I thought my body in September was “it.” This was as good as I could do. And it was a GREAT body.. strong, fit.. all that. But by making a few minor diet changes, I’m even better. My lifts are maxing higher, I’m finding more ease in gymnastics movements, I got my FIRST bar MU late last year and feel like I can get one on the rings soon. My diet isn’t perfect. I still have occasional things I like (wine, cheese, cake…we’re supposed to enjoy life, right???) but 90% of the time I’m eating clean and it’s SO easy and SO do-able.

So thank you – from someone who thought she’d try this out for fun. You’ve changed my body and my relationship with food more than you know.”

Meghan Freeman

“My main objective going into the Sugar Shred was to be able to comfortably fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants.  I wasn’t sure whether that was a realistic goal, but I thought the challenge would at least get me headed back in the right direction after pregnancy and a few months of new-mom life, where convenience often trumped healthy food choices.  At the end of the challenge, I was able to fit comfortably back into my pre-pregnancy pants, and I am honestly proud of myself again every day since then when I button my pants.

Thanks for putting on the program!  I appreciated the structure and accountability.”


Kelli Morin

“9 months ago I was stuck. I knew something needed to change, and I was ready to change, but I didn’t know what to do. I started working with Hudson on my nutrition and exercise. He was the perfect combination of someone who is driven, motivating, understanding, and fun. With his coaching and guidance I lost over 50 lbs, dropped 6 pant sizes, and my workouts when from bad-difficult to good-difficult. I’m in the best shape of my adult life, and better yet as a result my wife has improved her health quite a bit and my kids now have two good examples of how to live healthy lives. 9 months ago was a turning point in my life, thanks to Hudson and Naptown Fitness.”
Aaron Learch

“Naptown Nutrition has been the missing piece to my fitness puzzle.  During recent challenges, I’ve found the support to lose 18lbs and so have gained muscle mass as a result. Even better, the NapTown Nutrition team provide the support I need to overcome self-sabotage and work to find a path that works, feels complete, and leaves me satisfied while maintaining weight loss.”

Chad Woodward